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PSV Eindhoven

Philips Sport Vereniging (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈfi.lɪps ˌspɔrt fə.ˌreː.nə.ɣɪŋ], English: Philips Sports Club), abbreviated as PSV and internationally known as PSV Eindhoven [ˌpe.jɛs.ˈfeː ˈɛi̯nt.ˌɦoː.və(n)] is a sports club from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is best known for its professional football department, currently playing in the Eredivisie, which has never been relegated to a lower division.

The club was founded in 1913 as a team for Philips employees. PSV’s history contains two golden eras revolving around the UEFA Cup victory in 1978 and the 1987–88 European Cup victory as part of the continental treble in 1988. The team has won the Eredivisie 21 times, the domestic cup nine times and the Johan Cruijff Shield nine times. Currently, PSV is 28th on the UEFA club coefficients ranking.[3] Throughout the years, PSV established itself as a stepping stone for future world class players like Ruud Gullit, Romário, Ronaldo and Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Since its foundation, it has played in the Philips Stadion and has upheld its club colours (red and white). Its elaborate connection with Philips can be witnessed in its sponsoring, shared technology and board member ties. Fans have named themselves 'boeren' (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbuːrə(n)], Dutch for either peasants or farmers), taking pride in Eindhoven's status of being a provincial city and their Brabantian heritage.